Lucas Fujiwara CompSci Student
Bachelor of Computer Science, 2018 - 2021
Summer Job (Internship) @ Stone Co. 2018 - 2019
Full stack development of web services to integrate different systems (mainly REST APIs & Task Queues).
  • JavaScript: NodeJS, VueJS & little experience with React and NativeScript.
  • Java: Basic knowledge (used mostly for university coursework).
  • C/C++: Used for coursework and competitive programming.
  • Python: Flask & Django.
  • CSS: Tailwind (favorite), Bulma & Bootstrap.
Awards (a.k.a. Hackathons, for the most/only part)
  • HackathonUSP 2018 (USPCodeLab, NEU) Nov/2018
    My team’s project was called ”Transparência Universitária”, which gave us a 4th place. Using this application, anyone is able to visualize public financial data from the university and compare expenses between institutes (even with graphical visualization).
  • InterHack 2019 (USP, USPCodeLab) Aug/2019
    Developed alongside my team a tool to create and visualize processes inside the university, we mainly worked on the caveats of process management inside public institutions like universities and schools, awarding ourselves a 3rd place.
  • HackSBSeg 2019: Blockchain (USPCodeLab, IMEsec, SBSeg) Sep/2019
    Awarded 1st place with my team, our project was a blockchain to record and share biotechnology between institutions.
Projects & Stuff (WIP)